Post Text 7500 10000
Post Image 7500 10000
Post Music 7500 10000
Post Location 7500 10000
Comment 3500 5500
Reaction 2500 4000
HiM 75000 90000
Profile Visit 4000 6500


No, we require a phone number for signup to prevent fake users from accessing Mush.

We use your phone number only once at the time of signup.

Moods lasts 3 hours, then it disappear If you do not like the mood you picked, you can simply pick another mood that capture your current feeling.

You can re-mush your friends' favorite posts. You can also promote posts using your points

Super-Like is a special, one-week-long like that you can give to a post you particularly enjoy. It will highlight the post, drawing more attention to it from your friends.

Get ready for the next

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